Making cold
therapy even better.

Track and measure your progress, access guided coaching sessions and join a global community of cold enthusiasts – all in one app.

The Ice Barrel App has transformed my ice bath routine, a must-have for wellness enthusiasts.
Nikki Koplitz

Session tracking to measure your progress

Log the temperature, duration and type of cold therapy session to build consistency, practice protocols and measure your progress over time.


Guided coaching to lead your journey

From beginner to advanced, our world-class coaching sessions guide you through your cold journey every step of the way.


Control your Ice Barrel Chiller from anywhere

Wi-Fi connectivity allows for greater control of your Ice Barrel Chiller with advanced scheduling, temperature control, important notifications, multi-user support, and more.

You asked.
We answered.

What is the Ice Barrel App, and how does it work?

The Ice Barrel App supports and enhances your ice bath experience. It allows you to track your ice bath sessions, providing insights into your progress. The app also offers guided recordings to accompany you during your ice baths, promoting relaxation, motivation and mental clarity. Additionally, you can connect to your Ice Barrel Chiller for advanced scheduling, temperature control, important notifications, multi-user support, and more.

Is the Ice Barrel App suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The Ice Barrel App caters to users of all experience levels. Whether you’re new to ice baths or an experienced enthusiast, our app provides a supportive approach that is accessible to everyone.

Do I have to have an Ice Barrel to use the app?

The Ice Barrel App was designed for all cold therapy users in mind, whether you’re using an Ice Barrel, taking cold showers, jumping into a lake or using any other cold therapy tool. We believe the power of cold therapy is for everyone, everywhere and welcome all users into our community.

How can the Ice Barrel App enhance my ice bath sessions?

The Ice Barrel App helps you approach ice baths with intention, whether you are focused on physical recovery, mental clarity or resilience. The guided recordings promote mental focus and stress reduction during your cold therapy. The tracking feature allows you to monitor your progress and see the positive impact of regular ice bath practice on your wellbeing.

Download the app today

Whether you’re an ice bath enthusiast or just starting your journey, the Ice Barrel app will help you level up your cold therapy practice.

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